The 5Rs underpin everything we do here at Rackham.
The 5 Rs represent important life skills, attitudes and mindsets. By developing and nurturing these 5 areas, not only are the children part of a positive learning environment, helping them reach their full potential, but they will also learn to be good friends and ultimately good citizens; they will learn to make the right choices concerning their behaviour, to learn from their mistakes, and be able to respond positively to challenges throughout their lives.


Resilience means we can cope when things get tough, and we are able to make the most out of opportunities which present themselves.  Resilience takes practice, but the capacity to be resilient lies in all of us. Once mastered, the skills enable us to be the best possible version of ourselves, so we are able to feel good and function well, which in turn improves our emotional and mental health.  By appreciating that not everything goes to plan all of the time it means that we’re less fazed when something goes wrong, and are able to pick ourselves up and carry on.  This attitude helps us with the other 5Rs too.


We often think of resources as physical things but resourcefulness is a mindset – it is about having a can-do attitude.  Even if we cannot see the solution immediately, we do not give up, but instead look at other ways to find a solution.  Showing resourcefulness means we are creative in how we think, we look for different solutions, inventive ways around a problem, we “think outside the box”.  Resourcefulness is seeing a challenge as a hurdle rather than a dead-end; even with the greatest mind, if we don’t believe we can find a solution, we won’t!


Being reflective is thinking about how our actions impacted on something.  Taking time for reflection is important both when things go well and when things don’t go so well, so we can learn how to improve. By being reflective, we recognise how we can change our behaviour for a better outcome next time, or we can reinforce our good behaviour choices when things have gone well, so we repeat our successes.   Making mistakes is a valuable part of the learning process and recognising this through reflection helps us be stronger and more resilient.




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