When I arrive at school, my Teacher, TA and friends have time to say good morning, catch up and get  focused ready for learning. 

Every day, I have Collective Worship. Different people use the Bible to discuss important topics which help us think about our own actions and feelings. We celebrate our successes in and out of school. We have time to sing together and quiet time to reflect and pray. Sometimes we even lead the Collective Worship ourselves! 

In class, the teachers plan what we learn with our Christian Values in mind. They make sure that we feel happy and confident and work through our challenges. They try to encourage us and point out what we are good at, as well as give us targets to work on. We are encouraged to take risks with our learning and to challenge ourself in every lesson. Our parents and carers are welcome to come in to chat to our teachers whenever they need to. 

At playtime we enjoy the fantastic outside environment.  If we have problems with other children, we can talk to playground supervisors and our teachers to work things out. In class we talk to our teachers about how the values we have been thinking about help us outside - and we get recognition for showing our 5Rs in action. 

A Day at Rackham





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