Through Physical Education children gain confidence and competence in physical skills. At Rackham we have exceptional sporting facilitiesincluding an all-weather pitch, two playgrounds, and extensive school field complete with cricket pitch, a large school hall and a swimming pool. 

Within the local area, regular joint sporting events are held throughout the year including football, netball, rounders, tag-rugby, cricket, basketball, athletics and swimming. We are very pleased that so many pupils (particularly in KS2) choose to be involved in the wide range of extra curricular sport provided by the school. 

Children at Rackham C of E Primary have the opportunity to try many different activities and sports. These include dance, gymnastics, multiskills, Tag rugby, football, hockey, netball, tennis and athletics to name just a few.

We aim to ensure that all children can swim by the time they leave our school. Swimming lessons provided by our own teachers are offered to every pupil at our school  throughout the summer term and we feel incredibly fortunate to have our own pool for this purpose. 

Several of our teachers, along with local companies, also run after school clubs for different age groups. Each year, 6 children from Year 5/6 work alongside the PE Co-ordinator to help organise and manage school games activity in the school.

Rackham's sporting aims: 

  • To encourage enjoyment of physical activity. 
  • To develop the ability to use the skills they have learnt in movement related activity. 
  • To promote positive attitudes to health, hygiene and fitness. 
  • To develop a knowledge of safe practice in sport. 
  • To develop effective communication and co-operation skills. 
  • To improve observational skills and the ability to assess effectiveness of performance.

Rackham C of E Primary School works closely with the Witchford Schools’ Sports Partnership who organise and run a number of inter-school competitions throughout the year. Our children always relish the opportunity to experience not only competitive matches against pupils from other schools but also the chance to demonstrate their fantastic team-work and resilience.

PE Curriculum Overview

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