The Rackham C of E Primary School SEND Information Report

2022 - 2023

Rackham follows the Cambridgeshire Local Education Authority's Offer in terms of provision for children with SEND.


How does Rackham identify SEND?

We use a variety of pathways:

  • Concern raised by a Parent / Guardian
  • Teacher observation
  • Information from a previous school
  • Information from a health professional


What should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs or disability?

Speak to your child’s Class Teacher as soon as you have concerns.


Class Teachers aim to be available to discuss any concerns with parents as soon as they arise. Class Teachers can be contacted via their class email address which uses the format (class name)


You and your child’s Class Teacher may want to discuss your concerns with the school’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo).


Our SENDCo here at Rackham is Miss Georgina Turner who can be contacted via the school office, on the phone 01353 662436 or by email or directly


How will Rackham support my child with SEND?

Class Teacher’s planning is adapted with the aim of meeting the needs of every child. Class Teachers will closely track all pupils’ progress, this will enable them to identify those who may need extra help.


You will be invited to Parents’ evening at least twice a year to discuss your child’s progress. This will enable all parties to have a greater understanding of where additional support may be needed.


Extra support may include interventions where children work either 1 to 1 or in a small group with an adult.


The effectiveness and impact of any interventions and adaptations is monitored regularly throughout the ‘Assess, Plan, Do and Review’ record system.


‘Assess, Plan, Do and Review’ provides an opportunity to consider how effectively children have responded to adaptations made to help them access their learning and progress in relation to those adaptations.


All school Governors are responsible for the education and wellbeing of all the children in our school. Our SEND Governor is Mrs Ellie Senior.


How will I know how my child is progressing?


Parents are invited to Parent’s Evenings twice a year to specifically to discuss your child’s progress.


Regular Pupil Progress meetings are held with SLT and Class Teachers in school each term. Every child and their attainment is measured against previous progress and national expectations.


As a school we are proactive and will reach out to speak with parents if we have concerns about children in our care.


The triangulation between the child, school and parents is the key factor in supporting SEND at Rackham.


Will my child be able to take part in the whole curriculum?


On day to day basis in the classroom, teaching will be adapted to meet SEND needs.


Some children will have access to support from an additional adult to receive targeted interventions.


We have access to an excellent external specialist expertise. We utilise the support of a variety of teams: Speech and Language; Educational Psychology; Occupational Therapy; Physiotherapy Service; Community paediatricians and Specialist Teaching.


Any support accessed will be fully discussed with parent/carers and carefully monitored to ensure effectiveness using the ‘Assess, Plan, Do and Review’ format.


What training have staff received and what specialisms does Rackham have?

All teachers receive annual Safeguarding training.


Additional training includes: Training includes:  Speech, Language and Communication Needs; Dyslexia; STEPS therapeutic approach to behaviour; Medical e.g. inhalers, epi pens, epilepsy.


Where can I find information about Rackham’s approach to pupils with SEND?

The school’s approach to pupils with SEND is documented in the school’s SEND policy.


What support will there be for my child’s overall well-being?

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, our staff are aware of the social, emotional and academic issues pupils and families may have faced during this difficult time. Our Recovery Curriculum places a strong emphasis on mental health wellbeing to help our pupils feel physically and emotional safe in school and to re-connect with their friends, teachers and the wider school community.

Each child will take part in the PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) curriculum.

Rackham school runs a School Council with representatives from each class attending to regularly discuss issues which have been raised by both adults and pupils and run by Mrs Charlotte Hailstone (PSHCE Lead).

Staff annually attend Safeguarding training. Mrs Bridget Harrison and Miss Louise Smith are the Designated Safeguarding Leads within our school.

We offer personalized ELSA sessions for children who benefit from additional support with their well-being. More information regarding ELSA can be found here

Miss Louise Smith is our Family Support and Pastoral Lead.  


What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the schools?

· Blue Smile

· Family support workers

· Specialist Teaching Team

· Speech and Language Therapy Service

· Medical Clinicians e.g. GP, Visual Impairment service, Hearing Impairment service

· Educational Psychology Service

· Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy

· Community Paediatrician

· Children’s Social Care Team

· Health and Well-being service


How accessible is the school for SEND?


Risk assessments are be carried out and reasonable adjustments made to make the school as accessible as possible for all pupils.


If a child has a specific difficulty with their hearing, vision or mobility, the SENDCo will liaise with outside agencies involved and organise multi-agency meetings in order that the child’s needs can be best met.


Who can I contact to provide additional advice and support for my family?

School Staff:

All staff can be contacted using our child’s class email address. If you are unsure, the office can always be contacted on and will forward the email to the relevant staff member.


What are the contact details for additional advice and support for my family?

SENDIASS can help you with: 

  • Confidential support and someone to talk to in confidence 
  • Advice and information about special educational needs 
  • Independent Support for children, young people and families as Statements are transferred to EHC Plans 
  • Preparing for meetings with your child’s school or with professionals who are working with your child 
  • Information on your rights and responsibilities as a parent, children’s rights and SEN law and guidance 
  • Information about local support groups and voluntary organisations 

Link here: SEND Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) - Cambridgeshire County Council 

Email - 

Confidential helpline open during term times: 01223 699 214 


Ely Children’s Centre (Ely, Littleport and Witchford support for under 5s)


Parent Partnership Service (SEND information, advice and support)


Core Assets (provide independent support for children and families)

Help Line 0800 028 8455


Pinpoint (Parent information group)


Statutory Assessment Team (County Council team responsible for managing EHCP assessment process)


School Nurse (for any health related queries)


Family Worker (offer support to parents for a variety of child based issues)


Cambridgeshire County Council’s Local Offer Information Page (for further information)


The SEND Code of Practice:

The new SEND Code of Practice can be found by clicking on the following hyperlink;


If I am not happy with the SEND provision at our school, what should I do?

If you have concerns about the SEND provision, please contact your class teacher; they will then refer you to the SENDCo if they feel it is appropriate.

If you would like to lodge a formal complaint, please refer to the school’s complaints procedure on the school website.


Where can I find information about the Local Authority’s Local Offer for children with SEND and their family?

Information about the Local Authority’s Local Offer can be found on the Cambridgeshire County Council website.

Link here:

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