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The Rackham C of E Primary provides pupils and staff with opportunities to explore the significance of the Christian faith and values in relation to their own lives and those facing people locally, nationally and globally. We are committed to ensuring that the learning, social and personal needs of all our pupils are met by our curriculum and extra-curricular activities.


What makes The Rackham a Church of England school?

At The Rackham, Collective Worship is based on the liturgy or pattern of Church of England Services. This pattern helps staff and children become familiar with its language and traditions so when they visit a church building, they can draw on their understanding and so take part in services in a meaningful way.

The format of Collective Worship at The Rackham enables children and adults, whatever their faith or with none, to find out what Christians believe about God, the world and human kin. Collective Worship provides an opportunity for reflection and to wonder about the big questions of life. Staff and pupils alike value the time of quiet and stillness as a way to bring our school community together.

The Rackham, as a 21st century school, provides a stimulating learning environment that prepares our students for living as an active member of our community.  We encourage our pupils to value the rich diversity of cultures they encounter, and empowered to achieve the highest possible academic, creative and sporting achievements both as members of our school community and as individuals.

Everyone at The Rackham shares a commitment to provide effective teaching and learning based on a well-planned and structured curriculum. We believe children should become interdependent learners within well-organised primary classrooms; learning should be purposeful and matched to developing individual pupil abilities. 


Learning to love God, one another and ourselves

As a church school The Rackham is a place where we learn how to love God, one another and ourselves. This is achieved through Collective Worship, religious education and the application of Christian principles to relationships within the school. A rich and varied curriculum enables us to discover the wonders of God’s creation and the worth of other people. Learning in an atmosphere of excellence and enjoyment enables us to grow in confidence and self esteem.

We want children to be able to think critically and creatively; know how to tackle problems and challenges; and work collaboratively within a team. Children are taught to evaluate their own and others’ work with sensitivity so developing an awareness of strengths and weaknesses. We shape highly motivated children who are eager to learn. We respect differences of ability and provide appropriate support for children with special educational needs.

We are committed to developing a strong partnership with parents and carers to support successful outcomes for our children.

Teachers work as part of a team to uphold our whole school commitment to improving the quality of teaching and learning so raising levels of achievement.

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Philippians 4.13


Our Christian Values

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At The Rackham we learn to be the best that we can be through the teachings of Jesus Christ and the stories told in the Bible.


Hope is not always spontaneous or easy. At The Rackham, we teach children that it is normal to make mistakes and it is from our mistakes that we learn. We have to develop the quality of steadfastness of character, and trusting God can support us with this.


At The Rackham we describe ourselves as a family, where each individual member is special and nurtured to be the best they can be. Through a rich curriculum, with God's love at the centre, our aim is to enable every member of our community to flourish.


Collective Worship





What is Collective Worship?

Collective Worship at The Rackham aims to give pupils and school staff alike the opportunity to:

  • Express praise and give thanks to God
  • Foster respect and deepen spiritual awareness
  • Reflect on the character of God and on the teachings of Christ
  • Affirm Christian values and attitudes
  • Share each other's joys and challenges
  • Celebrate special times in the Christian calendar

Collective Worship is legally required to take place every school day and ‘shall be wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character’ (1988 Education Act).


What will my child experience in Collective Worship at The Rackham?

As a Church of England School, Collective Worship is at the heart of school life. It happens every day, in various different forms, which give all children an opportunity to learn, celebrate and respond to Christian Values drawn from the Bible.

Monday               Introduction of the theme for the week led by the Headteacher
Tuesday Collective Worship focus the Old Testament
Wednesday Collective Worship focus the New Testament
Thursday Collective Worship focus on singing
Friday Collective Worship: Inspirational people led by the Headteacher


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