At The Rackham C of E Primary School, we explicitly teach emotional literacy to assist our pupils in developing an awareness of how they are feeling. Our pupils are taught how to use emotion related vocabulary to explain how they are feeling and learn strategies that enable them to restore a regulated state should they become heightened.

With the support of the Friends, we have purchased My Happy Mind, an NHS accredited emotional literacy curriculum that provides support for our pupils, staff and also our parents and carers.

Behaviour is crucial to enable our pupils to engage in teaching and learning. Through utilising My Happy Mind, we teach our pupils how to engage in behaviour learning to enable them to engage in academic learning. 

Behaviour is taught. We utilise the graduated response within Cambridgeshire Therapeutic Thinking to provide interventions for those who struggle to make progress within their behaviour learning.

At The Rackham, we focus on teaching our pupils about valued behaviours and teaching them resilience so fostering greater wellbeing.

We also teach our pupils to recognise others’ emotional response and be able to deal with it. Our pupils learn to consider how other people’s feelings affect how we behave. 

Behaviour, emotional literacy and self-regulation curriculum

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